October wins

pumpkin spice latte

At the beginning of this month, I started Tiffany Han‘s Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle, a yearlong course in changing your life. That’s not how Tiffany frames it, really, but this is the second time I’ve done the Inner Circle and that’s the most succinct and accurate thing I can say about it. As I write this, I find myself mourning the fact that we’re already one-twelfth of the way through this cycle.

Each Monday, Tiffany sends us a journal prompt, and so far this month, I have not completed a single one. I’m holding onto the previous three for some later occasion when I have the ability to answer them. But, each month we also have the option of having Tiffany dare us to do something. It can be a specific thing you want to do but know you’ll make excuses about unless you have an extra push, or you can provide a general category of thing you want to be dared to do and Tiffany will help you get more specific on it. Mine, this month, was that I wanted to write two more blog posts by the end of October. And yet here I am on the 28th having written zero since I requested that dare from Tiffany. So I decided to take a look at the journal prompt for this week and see if I could use it as a jumping-off point. Here’s what I found in my inbox:

What were your October wins? What went well? What felt good? What were the—big and small!—successes that you experienced and made happen?

  • I did every activity and prompt in my RYHSY Inner Circle workbook for the month of October
  • Saw my business school friends at a wedding and had a blast
  • My dad’s recovery from heart surgery is going well
  • My niece has grown into the Petit Bateau raincoat I bought her in Paris and looks adorable in it
  • Took a writing class
  • FaceTimed with Shama
  • Tutoring has been a source of joy
  • Went to brunch and the Studio 54 exhibit at Brooklyn Museum with my best friends
  • My lash extensions look great
  • Went to my friends’ amazing Zoom event
  • Launched a challenging project at work
  • Generally dressed awesome
  • Learned a lot about myself

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