5 things I love: Week of January 10

A box of four cupcakes from by CHLOE

1. Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier

I saw Pizza Girl on a best of 2020 list and knew I’d love it. It reminds me of a Jenny Offill book but with weirder characters and a more-warped plot. I breezed through it and really hope Frazier has another book on the horizon!

2. Monday Kick Start with Pause + Expand

I recently attended a virtual sound bath with Pause + Expand through Creative Mornings and it was AMAZING. It had never occurred to me what a natural fit sound baths are for a virtual environment—I absolutely loved them in the Before Times so it was great to realize that this is an experience I can enjoy equally from home. Every Monday, Jenn and Steve offer a 30-minute Monday Kick Start with a short sound bath meditation and journaling session. I joined on Monday and it was a great way to start the workweek.

3. Sequins Week

I declared this week Sequins Week, meaning I wore sequins to Zoomwork every workday. Getting dressed for Zoom was significantly more fun than it has been the past 10 months.

4. Ordering dessert to eat for breakfast

The other night I placed a dinner from by CHLOE. for dinner and at the last minute decided to tack on a box of four cupcakes to eat for breakfast this week. Genius move. I’ve done it before with tiramisu but never FOUR servings. Every morning I wake up and surprise! I get to have a cupcake for breakfast—again! This will become a regular thing.

5. This Teddy Swims cover of Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart”

Don’t tell Dua Lipa, but I think I might like this version of “Break My Heart” from Teddy Swims on TikTok better than the original!

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