Podcast appearance: This May Be Oversharing

I recently sat down with my friend Theodora Blanchfield, who blogs at Preppy Runner, for an episode of her new podcast This May Be Oversharing (you can also find it on iTunes). I was honored to be her first guest!

If you’re not familiar with Theodora’s work, she started out as a fitness blogger ten years ago, and has since expanded her writing to cover all areas of physical and mental wellbeing. Having lost her mom to cancer in 2017, Theodora has written extensively about grief and the mental health challenges that go along with it. I love her honesty and transparency, and I think you will, too.

We talk about growth, goal-setting, reframing failure as progress, and creative productivity — all my favorite topics! Theodora is seriously one of my favorite people to talk to; I’m not sure we’ve had a single shallow conversation in the time I’ve known her. This podcast episode is probably the best example I have of who I am and what I believe at this point in my life, so I hope you’ll listen!

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