4 sustainable rituals I’ve incorporated into my week

Real talk: I am very bad at being consistent. I can commit to doing something daily for, like, a week before I inevitably miss a day and never pick it back up. (The lone exception is the New York Times Crossword; my streak is 525 as of this writing.) But recently, I’ve been putting more of an effort into developing little rituals that make my life feel more luxurious, which I’m finding is much easier than developing habits like, “Wake up at 6:30 every day.” Here they are:

1. Reading in the bath every Sunday night

I started this ritual a few weeks ago to deal with some health issues that turned out to be caused by my iron supplement and were not, in fact, signs of a delayed-onset stress ulcer. I’d bought some Lush Bath Bombs back in Hard Pandy (late 2020) and still had a few on hand, which made my baths pink and scented, just like Elle Woods’s resume. I’m now out of Bath Bombs and have been too lazy to go buy some more, but it turns out I also have a not-insignificant collection of bath salts to use in the meantime. Bonus: Using up stuff I already have before I add to my collection is also very in-keeping with my goal of buying less this year.

2. Making breakfast on Saturday mornings

If I’m eating breakfast at home, I’m generally eating it in bed, and most of the time I can find a way to justify ordering said breakfast even if I have eggs in the fridge. Enter my Dash Egg Cooker, a device that has already more than paid for itself ten times over in the short time I’ve owned it. I’ve only used it for boiled eggs so far, but it can also make poached eggs, omelets, and some other kinds of eggs I’m not thinking of right now. And the boiled eggs turn out perfect.

Making breakfast at home also makes it hard to motivate to put on clothes and head out for a latte, so I’ve also been doing a better job of making those at home. I make espresso on the stove with a Bialetti Moka Pot and froth milk using this frother my brother and sister-in-law sent me for my first covid birthday. I recently acquired some latte stencils and have been surprised to discover how much more enjoyable a dusting of cinnamon makes my at-home coffee experience.

3. Putting stickers at the top of my daily to-do lists

OK so the stickers at the top of my to-do lists aren’t new, but the specific stickers I’ve been using are. A few months ago I signed up for a sticker subscription through Pipsticks, and the most accurate description of how I feel about that decision is a neck tattoo that says NO RAGRETS. The sticker sets are beautiful and plentiful–even with daily use, I couldn’t run out of these if I tried. I am not a person known for sharing, but I’ve been bringing sticker sheets to the girl I tutor because I am simply drowning in them. Anyway, this makes it a lot more fun to plan my day and get things done.

4. Writing daily affirmations

I’ve been intrigued by affirmations since Jamie Varon, a writer and phenomenal Instagram follow, started sharing her affirmation process in her Instagram stories a few years ago, but I never really understood how to do it. I was actually about to reach out to Jamie in her DMs for guidance, but that very day I got to the part in her wonderful book, Radically Content, where she explains the process. From there, I watched some TikTok videos, listened to the Snoop Dogg affirmation song, and found this helpful list. I also signed up for The Mantra Project from Holly Whitaker and Tammi Salas, which delivers one affirmation to your inbox each morning for 40 days (they are really good, and Tammi has created art for each one). It’s designed for sobriety, but even if that’s not the path you’re on, it’s a good opportunity to take 40 days off from drinking and focus on something else.

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