10 things that are making my life noticeably better

Conventional wisdom suggests that you should spend money on experiences, not things, because things won’t make you happy. That is… not true for me. Plenty of things I buy make me happy. And moreover, experiences last only the length of that experience. It’s hard to access the feelings an experience gave me once it ends, whereas a favorite dress or pair of boots I get to enjoy over and over again. Having gone to Paris for a week in April isn’t going to do a damn thing for me when I’m stressed out in May, while the linen sheets and essential oils I purchased might actually be a source of comfort then. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few things I’ve bought (or received from other people) that are making my life noticeably better:

1. Serene House Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

This oil diffuser has four different strength settings, plus seven different light colors (I usually go with pink or white). It’s super easy to use (just fill with water and a few drops of oil, press a couple of buttons, and voila!) and has worked great for the 3.5 years I’ve had it.

2. Hotel Collection My Way Fragrance Oil

A recent acquisition on a tip from my friend Shama, Hotel Collection’s My Way Fragrance Oil will make your home smell like Santal 33 from Le Labo. Full price is $45, but you should be able to get it 20-30% off as they seem to have a lot of deals. I also picked up a candle in the same scent and non, je ne regrette rien.

3. Remodelista: The Organized Home

I saw an influencer with a very clean, minimalist NYC apartment recommend this book and decided to check it out. Turns out it has a ton of creative yet simple ideas for making your home more organized, as well as a range of product recommendations if you don’t already have what you need. I liked it so much I turned around and bought a second copy as a gift for a friend who recently bought her first house.

I recently fell down a rabbit hole of basically everything written/recorded by Rachel Wilkerson Miller, namely her blog Just Good Shit and the podcast she co-hosts with Sally Tamarkin, Oh I Like That. One of the things Rachel recommended was this 18-pack of zipper pouches, which comes in rainbow colors (my favorite!) and a large range of sizes. They’re great for keeping basically anything organized inside larger bags (especially shapeless totes) or for keeping unruly arts and crafts supplies under control at home.

5. We’ll Always Have Paris by Emma Beddington

I absolutely loved this memoir of a woman who had a lifelong dream of living in Paris, only to discover once moving there that it was a bit of a nightmare. Emma’s writing is funny, engaging, and poignant, and peppered with the names of French movies, books, and pastries you’ll want to catalog for future enjoyment. This was a book I savored over several weeks, and it was a place I enjoyed living (unlike Paris, for the author). Shout out to my friend Kimberly for sharing this in her Instagram stories!

6. Flax linen sheets/duvet cover from Bed Threads

OK, this one was a splurge, but one that has definitely been worth it. I did a combo of lavender and peach, and while the peach is a bit brighter than I wanted it to be, overall I’ve been super happy with the look and quality of these.

7. Rose-quartz roller

Full disclosure: This is another one from the Rachel Wilkerson Miller rabbit hole. I’ve had a rose-quartz roller for a couple of years, but had never bothered to investigate how I was supposed to use it. Oops. Well, thank god for service journalism. After reading Rachel’s article, I watched this video on the proper technique and got to work. (I also did some Googling on the benefits of a jade roller vs. rose-quartz roller but felt the results were inconclusive.)

NGL, I’d had one glass of wine too many (OK, OK, it was a can of wine) the night before, so my face looked a little puffier than preferred. Which was actually the perfect situation to test out the rose-quartz roller, and… it worked. Puffiness disappeared, skin looked more radiant than usual (despite being slightly dehydrated), and the actual act of rolling my face was very pleasant (just be sure, as Rachel points out, to apply oil beforehand).

This is the jade roller Rachel recommends in her piece. I purchased my rose-quartz version while crystal-shopping with my friend Theodora, so I can’t link to that, but there’s a wide selection of them on Amazon, or you can pick one up at Sephora.

8. Purple Carrot

OK, I realize this may be a niche recommendation, as a lot of people have attitude about vegan food. But I’ve been relying on meal kits over the past couple of months to relive myself of the decision fatigue around selecting what to have for dinner, and so far Purple Carrot is my favorite. (Disclaimer that I haven’t tried Marley Spoon yet, and I’ve heard it’s amazing.) I’m making a lot of cool dishes I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to try at home, like the Dan Dan Noodles pictured above.

9. LAKE Pajamas Pima Long-Long Set in Lapis

These were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law that I’m planning to acquire more of, because they are life-changing. Super soft, stretchy and loose enough to be comfy for both sleep and lounging in bed watching reruns of Being Erica, I love them.

10. Caldrea Multi-surface Countertop Spray Cleaner in Lavender Cedar Leaf

This is the best-smelling cleaning spray I’ve ever used. It smells so good that I am constantly looking for things to clean. While searching for the link to share here, I discovered they also make soap and room spray, and I will be purchasing both.

One thought on “10 things that are making my life noticeably better

  1. This list came at the perfect time for this tired, pregnant mom because my birthday and Christmas are the same week and everyone is asking me “what do you want what do you want????” I can just send them this post lol


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