2021 New Year’s Resolution: Roll with it, baby

Back in September, I decided that my New Year’s Resolution for the coming year would be the lyrics to “Roll With It” by Steve Winwood. Most years, I come up with a set of 5-10 goals for the year, but after looking at how last year’s list turned out, I realized it made no sense to try to commit to anything that might end up beyond my control. Instead, I’m going to attempt to give up my desire to control anything and lean in to whatever 2021 throws at me. The past couple of months of my life have been marked by tremendous resistance to what is, which is honestly a horrible way to live. I like my life to feel magical, and nothing feels less magical than living completely in my head, being angry about things I have no power over and fruitlessly trying to bend the universe to my will.

Enter Steve Winwood, my spiritual teacher.

I listen to Steve Winwood at the start of every race to drown out the voices of the morning-radio-style emcees, who give me tremendous anxiety. Through this practice, I have come to realize that Steve Winwood is a Zen master. Listening to him reminds me to breathe and instantly brings me back to the present moment. The entire world melts away until it’s just me and Steve, and for a time I really do believe in a higher love. Steve Winwood is the only one I trust to lead me through the uncertainty of the next year.

When life is too much, roll with it, baby
Don’t stop and lose your touch, oh no, baby
Hard times knocking on your door
I’ll tell them you ain’t there no more
Get on through it, roll with it, baby

Luck’ll come and then slip away
You’ve gotta move, bring it back to stay

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